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About Giant Restoration

We are a restoration company dedicated to helping every household achieve a peaceful place to live in. We have been serving the areas of San Francisco and successfully managed to provide excellent restoration services for any occasion. Whether it is mold removal, storm damage or water damage restoration, you can count on us and give you the best services at your money’s worth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard your life and your valuable things. At Giants Restoration, we encourage every homeowner to restore their homes from water damage right away because it can be an opportunity for further accidents and health concerns. Some individuals who let their homes as it is usually experience mold growth, leaking pipes and sewage outburst. This can be dangerous and really stressful to clean especially if you are not armed with the right tools and techniques. Thus, we recommend calling our experts whenever necessary.

How can we help

We can help you restore your basement, wet floors, moist ceilings, damaged roofs and furniture through our excellent restoration services. We usually conduct several tests before giving action in order to ensure the safety of you and our people. We take time to go through the electrical wires and other areas of your home that can be dangerous to everyone. Once we found out that restoration is possible, we start cleaning and vacuuming the water that entered the place.

Moist areas can be a breeding place for life-threatening microorganisms like molds and mildew. Hence, we make sure that no amount of water is present inside the home, especially in unreachable areas. We dry every floor and ceiling and disinfect it with our formula liquids. We also use techniques that can keep up the condition of your home and your furniture. When some of the areas of your home need repair, our professional technicians are available to fix it for you. They are not only knowledgeable about these things but they are also skilled in every restoration services.

Call us

We are ready to help you and give the best restoration services for your home and your family. With a simple call from our company, we will immediately do the best actions possible. We never delay any inquiries and bookings so let Giants Restoration provide you with excellent restoration services.