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San Francisco Mold Removal

Living in the San Francisco Bay is nice and breezy with a lot of moisture from the ocean. While many find this preferable to dry desert air, it’s not without its challenges. One of these challenges is that the moist air can cause damage to your home if it’s not properly ventilated. You could find yourself in a situation where mold is growing within your walls or your crawl space, or you’ve got a poorly ventilated attic or basement that’s collecting moisture and mold. But if this happens, don’t panic. Just call someone you know who can help you out. We at Giants Restoration are a team of professional home restorers who are ready and eager to help you out whenever an emergency situation like this arises.

What Causes Mold and How It Grows

Moisture and darkness are what causes mold. If your home isn’t well ventilated, moisture can collect in small and dark corners, leading to mold growth. Mold is a living substance that loves moisture and will gather quickly on areas that are left damp and ill-cared for. If you’re not regularly inspecting your home for mold, chances are you could have mold somewhere and you don’t even know it. Usually, mold grows quickly, especially when it’s left unnoticed and undisturbed. If there’s something for it to feed on, i.e. wet wood or moisture, mold will quickly proliferate and spread. It’ll spread in the darkest and wettest areas first, eventually finding its way to the edges and outside. If you realize you have mold because you can see it, most likely there is a ton of mold behind it that you can’t see because it’s within the walls. It’s like an iceberg – the bulk of it is underneath, hidden.

What It Does and What We Will Do To Stop It

Mold will keep eating away at the structure of your home. Eventually, it’ll cause serious damage and you’ll need to get your property repaired and restored. However, with our help at Giants Restoration, the mold will be stopped and removed. We’ll remove anything permanently damaged and repair whatever needs repairing in the home. We provide complete San Francisco home restoration with mold removal and all else you might need.