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San Francisco Water Damage Restoration

Floods and water damage come at the worst times, and they usually can’t be predicted. You could come home from work one day to find your basement flooded or wake up one morning to a ceiling leak or mold infestation. These things can happen at any time, so the best way to be prepared to handle them is to know who to call. For our part, we recommend calling a professional home restoration company that is trained, qualified, and equipped to handle such situations at a moment’s notice. With such an asset on your side, you can be much more assured that your situation will turn out all right instead of costing you your home or a lot of money to repair it.

How Water Damage Occurs

Water damage can occur at any time, and it usually occurs unnoticed. You could have a pipe develop a leak and never know until you smell mold in your kitchen and discover that the inside back of some of your cupboards is soaked and moldy. Basically what happens when water damage occurs is that moisture collects in your house somewhere. This can be a puddle of water on the ground due to a leak, water collecting within your walls, moisture forming in dark places due to poor ventilation, or a spill that was never properly cleaned up or dried out. When this happens, the water can cause damage to the carpet, the flooring, the wood, the insulation, the drywall, and more. Whatever gets wet needs to be properly dried or it may never be able to be repaired. And in many cases, a failure to properly dry it out leads to mold growth. Mold eats away at your property and can cause structural damage if not checked and removed.

How We Can Help

At Giants Restoration, we can help you out. Our business is home restoration, which means that whenever there is water damage, we’re there for water damage restoration. It also means that we go out of our way to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place. With professional skills and equipment, they’ll carefully inspect, dry out, and repair any necessary damages, leaving your home in the best possible condition.